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Size guide

Ring sizes are based on the  inside diameter of the ring in millimeters .

For example , size 10 has an inner diameter of 15.9mm.

The rest of the measurements are in the following illustration:

You can find out the diameter of your finger  in two ways:

1) The most comfortable : Take a ring that fits you well, and measure its inner diameter (the inner hollow).

2) Do you like math? Try to measure the contour of your finger. For this you can use a tailoring tape measure, or a piece of string (which you will later measure with a ruler). Once you find the contour in millimeters of your finger (C in blue), try the following formula to find the diameter:


That is, divide the outline of your finger (C in blue) by 3.14. This will find the diameter of your finger (D in Red). Once you have the diameter of your finger, go to the table above to check your ring measurement.

But without a doubt, our specialty is ...

Adjustable rings.

The vast majority of our rings are adjustable from size 9 to size 18 . You can mold them to the size that best fits your finger.

To adjust the ring, do it with caution, opening or closing it gently, to prevent it from breaking.