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Watch out for jewelry.

Then we give you some useful advice on how to take care of and keep your jewelry.

Preservation of jewelry

All of our gold and silver collections have been processed to help prevent flash loss, but it's important that you follow our advice. Your jewelry will gradually lose its luster when exposed outdoors Glittering or twinkling is a natural process. We must remember that grade-1 pure gold and silver jewelry can not get wet. We recommend taking your jewelry before you go to bed, before you take a shower, or before you take part in any sports activities Exposure to certain chemicals or the environment may damage the integrity of your pure gold and silver jewelry This includes, but is not limited to: sweating (sweat), perfumes / colonies, cleaning products, chlorine, salt water and silver developers, etc.

Clean your jewelry

Mix the soap with half hot water and wipe with a soft toothbrush Toothbrush is an ideal way to clean jewelry, the corner of jewelry is difficult to enter. If the dirt persists, it does the same with clean water. It is important that gold-plated parts need to be more careful. "Vigorously wiping" can cause damage to the bathroom, so it is important to wipe carefully to avoid wear and tear in the bathroom. A special silver cloth is a huge tool that can make your jewelry shine again and prevent them from blackening over time. In any case, the technology won't eliminate any possible scratches or bumps.

How to keep your jewelry

Your jewelry should always be away from the sun, away from warm places, preferably in a tight jewelry cabinet or in a non slip bag They can also be placed in sealed plastic bags (polyethylene). Never use a rubber container because it will cause an accelerated part to fall off, which is likely to discolor the parts. For those that are not bathed, they will be cleaned and kept as they were on the first day. Under no circumstances will you put your silver jewelry in the bathroom or toilet. Let's drink to Please Noting that the molto amore box is not designed to keep items in good condition for a long time, Because they're not sealed containers, color changes may eventually occur when they're not in use, if you can put them in a black jacket because they're best suited for jewelry.

Important note

Molto amore can't guarantee that our model's golden bath will last forever Gold inlaid with gold is more fragile in itself and may lose its color over time. The rate at which this color disappears depends on a variety of factors, such as the use of chemicals in the skin, the level of sweating in the body, and even the pH level of each person's skin. Therefore, it is particularly important to take proper care of your gold and silver jewelry.