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Cookies policy

1. Background

In accordance with Spain's provisions on the use of biscuits in the provision of electronic communication services, as set out in Royal Decree No. 13 / 2012 of 30 March, we have informed you of the use of biscuits on the Spanish website. Ignacio Lara Alvarez And the reasons for using it. He also tells you that when browsing on the website, you agree to use it.

-What is a biscuit?

A cookie is a file that is downloaded to your computer when visiting a specific web page. These libraries enable a web page to store and retrieve information about the navigation habits of users or their devices, and can be used to identify users based on the information they carry and how their devices are used. Cookies only relate to anonymous users and their computers or devices, and do not provide references to personal data.

3. Biscuit type

1.- Own biscuitsNote: This refers to the device or domain name sent to the user terminal device from the device or domain name managed by the publisher, and the service required by the user is provided from the device or domain name.

2.- Third party biscuitNote: This is sent to the user terminal device from a device or domain name that is not managed by the editor but managed by another entity that processes the database base data.

3.- Session Library: They are libraries that collect and store data when users visit a web page.

4.- Long lasting biscuitNote: This is a biscuit type, the data is still stored in the terminal and can be accessed and processed for a period of time, determined by the biscuit owner, from a few minutes to a few years.

5.- Analysis LibraryThis is a problem that we or the third party can handle very well. It enables us to quantify the number of users, so as to conduct statistical measurement and Analysis on the users' use of provider services. To this end, we analyzed its browsing on our website in order to improve the products or services we provide to it.

6.- Advertising LibraryNote: This refers to those ads that allow the most efficient management of the advertising space that publishers provide the required services on a web page, application, or platform based on criteria such as editing content or how often ads are displayed.

7.- Behavioral advertising LibraryNote: This is to allow for the most effective management of advertisements posted by publishers on the web pages, applications or platforms on which they provide the required services. These repositories store user behavior information obtained by constantly observing their navigation habits, thus establishing a specific feature to display the corresponding advertisement. If you are not a member yet, please register as a member first, then a member, and then a member. If you are not a member, please register as a member first. For example, a notification about the number of visits, occurrences, time, etc. page: 1

4. Types of biscuits used in this website

The libraries used on our website are session and third-party, enabling us to store and access information about the language, the type of browser used and other user predetermined general features, as well as track and analyze your activities, The aim is to improve and deliver our services in a more effective and personalized way. Ignacio Lara Alvarez It doesn't use advertising or behavioral advertising.

The use of biscuits has an advantage in providing services within the so-called information society, as it makes it easier for users to browse and access the various services provided by the website. Users do not need to configure the general features of the website in advance; after properly analyzing the information obtained from the installed biscuits, users can improve the functions and services provided by the website.

full name






Third party (Google Analytics)

2 years

It is used to distinguish between users and sessions.

No immunity


Third party (Google Analytics)

30 Minutes

It is used to identify new meetings or visits.

No immunity

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Third party (Google Analytics)

At the end of the meeting

It was set up for use with ulchin.

No immunity

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Third party (Google Analytics)

6 months

It stores the source or movement explaining how the user arrived at the site.

No immunity

5. Cancel and eliminate biscuits

You can access your browser configuration at any time. Accept or reject all cookies, or choose which cookies to accept or not, according to one of the following procedures, and it is up to the browser that uses them:

Google Era(in Tools menu)
Settings > display Advanced Options > Privacy (content configuration)
More information: 

Microsoft Internet Explorer(in Tools menu)
Advanced privacy.
More information: 

The choice of privacy
More information: 

Wildlife, iPad and iPhone
Privacy settings
More information: 

Advanced library base settings
More information: 

6. Third party service providers

In particular, the third-party service providers with whom we have signed service contracts need to use biscuits. They are:


The purpose of service and biscuits

Supplier information


Statistical analysis of website visitors accounting, visiting web pages, keywords used, etc